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Supplier Q&A – David Scholes Photography

Who are you?


David Scholes, Photographer based in Clitheroe



What do you do?


Wedding photography


What got you into wedding photography?


Well, I actually come from a family of wedding photographers (Pye’s on York street Clitheroe was my mum’s side of the family). I unintentionally got into photography while doing an art course which led to a photography degree, then a good few years in a family portrait studio. Unfortunately, the studio shut, and I lost my job. By that time I’d done a few weddings, so decided to go for it on my own and that’s when I really got into it. So, a bit by accident but there isn’t really anything I’d rather be doing now.


How would you describe your photography?


Creative and storytelling. Mainly documentary style but with 10 minutes here and there to get some relaxed couple portraits.



Do you think any trends from previous years will be popular in 2019?


There are stylings and colour schemes that are just as popular now as last year which look fantastic, and fun things like photo-booths are still going strong.


I work with loads of amazing creative suppliers who are always evolving and working on the next big thing which make my job that bit easier. But personally, from a photography point of view, I’ve always tried my best to avoid trends as they can date your wedding photographs and you don’t want the same as everyone else.


I really believe more people want natural unposed photography with less gimmicks, less group shots and more real moments/memories.


What trends from previous years would you like to see come back?


For me it’s not about trends it’s about the couple and telling the story of their day… But I used to love a black & white photo with a coloured bouquet 😉


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