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Supplier Q&A – Nala & Knot

Who are you?

Nala & Knot

Photo Credit: Ginger Beard Weddings

What do you do?


We do hair and makeup, specialising in bridal.


We like to think of ourselves as two extra pairs of hands on the morning of the wedding to help with anything that our lovely bridal party needs. This could be anything from drying flowers, putting on shoes and helping the girls into their dresses.


What got you into styling hair for weddings?


Laura has been doing hair for over 10 years and both Natalie and Laura have been doing make up over 11 years. We both loved being in the hair industry but kind of fell into bridal and fell in love with the wedding industry.


We started off through recommendations and doing friends weddings and it grew from there. We started working together in 2014 and then in 2015 decided to create Nala & Knot.


What do you enjoy the most about doing bridal hair?


We absolutely LOVE making a person feel their absolute best. When we do a hair or a make-up and see the reaction and the bride feeling beautiful it’s the best feeling in the world.


A wedding morning is one of the most special days of a woman’s life and to be invited there is an absolute honour.


What trends do you think will be important in 2019?


It’s quite interesting as we definitely have a mix of opinions when it comes to trends.


We feel like trends are changing all the time and we have brides who have their own unique personal style.


Some women love to follow the latest trends and others prefer to stay away from trends as they can ‘go out of fashion’.  Last year, it felt very boho, with loose waves and plaits etc, this year feels much more sleek and glamorous, very red carpet.


Do you agree, in some instances, that less is more?


Yes absolutely!! It also depends on what the bride and her bridal party feel.


For example, both of us are quite glam with our hair and makeup, so less wouldn’t feel like us, however we encourage all of our girls to stay authentic to what they are and how they feel.


For example, if our bride doesn’t wear make up day to day and has her hair tied up, then we would definitely suggest a more natural soft look. And vice versa; if we have a bride who always wears a bold lip and hair down in curls in front of her face then we know she wouldn’t feel comfortable without her lipstick on and hair in a sleek bun.

Our advice is always to look like the best version of yourself.


How do you and a bride decide on the perfect hairstyle for them?


We do get brides asking for our advice and we will always try different looks and styles on them to see what they like best.


We will do a bridal trial where we recommend them bringing along pictures of themselves on a night out and also a Pinterest board of different looks they like.


We are passionate about staying until the bride is 100% happy on her trial.


It might be something simple like having a little bit of hair down at the front or curling the hair a certain way, we like to try different styles until we get the perfect end result.


Photo Credit: Jay Rowden Wedding Photography


This is Kimberly, it was so important that her hair was very lose with big beach waves as this is her favourite look.


However, we have other brides who prefer a sleeker Hollywood style curl.


Photo Credit: Gemma McAuley Photography


We get asked a lot about accessories.


We absolutely love this beautiful flower crown by Sam Williams.


We feel fresh flowers, or a beautiful clip can really finish off a look.


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